Celebration of Life 2021 June 17th 2021 4:30pm Intro and Welcome Today we gather together here […]
Register for our 8-week Virtual Bereavement Group starting April 20th Registration is open for the Spring Seasonal […]
This week’s Touchpoint centers primarily around dispelling some myths and sharing some truths about grief. When […]
At the start of this new year, our weekly Touchpoint Grief Group will revisit the topics […]
“What’s Your Grief?” is a fantastic website I follow for their writings on topics related to […]
Years ago at a church I attended we did a community art project. Our artist-in-residence offered […]
Thank you for sending in your loved one’s names, and offering pictures, music, and your stories […]
“Tell me your grief story.” This question marks the beginning of all our bereavement group sessions. […]
This past weekend marks another public holiday this year that just did not feel quite the […]
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