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Bradford Crane

Remembered by

his wife Anabel Crane, family and friends

Dearest Brad,

I miss your smiles and hugs, the joy and comfort of seeing you across the room, and just sharing daily life, including conversation over afternoon tea and cookies.

You were so unassuming that you could have had no idea how many people admired and cherished you. As a long-time friend wrote recently, you were a consummate gentleman—ever courteous, kind, and sensitive to the needs of others before your own. (In addition to your quiet courage throughout your illness, I marveled at your ability to dictate letters and lists to help family members and me when you had virtually no strength left.) Everyone who knew you responded to your genuine warmth, keen sense of humor and enjoyment of exchanging stories with friends. You were a thoughtful, engaging conversationalist and also a good listener. Your fine mind, wide ranging interests and unusual degree of articulateness were all part of your charm.

I have been thinking back over especially treasured memories of our life together: Our wedding, and hiking in Acadia Park during our honeymoon; exploring ancient cathedrals, villages, country houses and gardens in Britain; sailing in Michigan and elsewhere; vacations at Crystal Lake; our week at Lichfield Cathedral as guest singers with our friends’ Episcopal choir; decorating for Christmas with ornaments that each had meaning for us; sharing in church life at Georgetown Presbyterian and Williamsburg Presbyterian as choir members and in other roles; and singing in the Choral Guild. One of my most favorite travel memories is standing on the Roman wall in York overlooking the bishop’s garden while listening to the change ringers rehearse. Your sweet smile as I was leaving your room the last time I saw you when you were awake is my most precious memory. You will never leave my heart, and I will love you always.


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