Carol B. Marsh

Remembered by

her husband John Marsh

My name is John Marsh. The name I would like to be read is that of my wife of 62 years, Carol B. Marsh, who died May 18, 2018. Carol was a long-time Hospice House volunteer, most recently working at the desk as receptionist and phone answerer.

She actually had her first Hospice experience with the first Hospice in the U.S., the Connecticut Hospice during the 1980’s and 1990’s when we lived in Ct. She began with the Hospice House here around 2000.

I met her in the William and Mary college choir and we both sang in church choirs the rest of our lives. She loved to sing, did many solos and had perfect pitch, often letting me know when I was singing flat. She supported me during medical school and residency with her secretarial work, and then we started having children, three altogether. She was a wonderful wife and mother. The music we selected for her funeral was “There is a Balm in Gilead,” which she had often sung, and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

I miss her terribly.

There is A Balm in Gilead
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