An Activity on Secondary Grief

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Today we will revisit last week’s topic of Secondary loss and I will offer a therapeutic (although challenging) activity for you to try. I recommend you first look at the previous blog, if you have not read it yet. But here is a quick refresher: Secondary losses are recognized losses or changes in your life which come as a result … Read More

What is Secondary Grief?

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I feel many can agree that right now the passing of time feels…different. Today is the first day of June. For some, this is week 11 of strict social distancing and isolation during this pandemic. Even in our isolation we should take time to acknowledge that Spring has come! The honeysuckle buds are beginning to fall along with their sweet … Read More

New Wisdom

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On this Memorial Day, I am especially reflective about the many layers of grief we as a country bear on our shoulders. In this strange time I consider how we grieve collectively, nationally. The veterans we love, our family and friends, spent years of their lives protecting us. Today we honor them and are called to reflect on all veterans … Read More

Unfinished Business

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Today marks halfway through our Virtual Bereavement Support Group where our participants have shared their stories and pictures, laughed, and cried together using Zoom. It has been an incredible learning experience for all as we navigate this new way of connecting to one another. The group continues to be open to anyone to participate, you need not have attended the … Read More

Exploring Feelings in Grief

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It is the beginning of another week, deeper into this “new normal” of social distancing and isolation. No doubt for many of you every day is beginning to blur together. It is possible that time is losing some of its meaning for you, because your daily routines have changed so drastically. Recently, as I reflected on the name of this … Read More

Weekly Touchpoint: Myths and Truths on Grief

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This week’s Touchpoint centers primarily around dispelling some myths and sharing some truths about grief. When you enter a state of grief, in whatever circumstance that may be, you will face new challenges. One challenge is to “wade through” what people will say to you, usually out of a caring heart, but which may or may not be helpful for … Read More

Weekly Touchpoint 4/13

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In these uncertain times it can be challenging to know where to look for comfort or support — our social connections are disrupted, and we are all experiencing a loss of connection or even the loss of a loved one. In times such as this, we are here to help. Beginning next week on Monday, and weekly on the Mondays … Read More

Longing for Hugs and Hands

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When I set out to become a chaplain, I knew it was important for me to experience working with individuals in a variety of ways so I could know if this work was something I could really do.  What I quickly learned after visits in nursing homes and private homes was how holding a hand, or offering a hug was … Read More

Welcome New Student Intern Elizabeth Spare

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Last summer Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg welcomed its first student intern working with our Chaplaincy Director in care of our guests, family, and bereaved. This semester we are welcoming a graduate student from William & Mary from the School of Education, studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Elizabeth Spare. She received her Bachelor’s of Science from James Madison … Read More

A Special Request From Hospice House

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Thanks to the gifts of our generous donors and dedicated volunteers, Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg (HHSCW) has supported thousands of individuals in our community who have faced a terminal illness, cared for someone at the end of life and those who have sought support through their grief.  The generosity of our community is both remarkable and essential … Read More