This past weekend marks another public holiday this year that just did not feel quite the same as in the past The idea of celebration does not lend itself well to distancing, fear, along with all the other challenges this pandemic has given us. Yet, we still find a way through to make the most of the core value we are celebrating, no matter which holiday it is. What role does celebration play in our memorializing and our grief? How has that changed for you this year?

At Hospice House & Support Care Williamsburg, we have also had to grapple with these questions as our annual memorial events have had to take on a new shape. Families have faced the challenge of grieving in unprecedented times. We want to help make this a little easier, to grieve and to celebrate as well the lives of our beloved family and friends.

In years past, this has been a meaningful event held within our beautiful gardens on our Patio of Memories. In an abundance of caution and with concern for your safety, we offer a different way to gather us together. That is why this year’s annual Celebration of Life event on July 23rd will be a virtual event. As an always intimate memorial celebration, you will honor your loved ones this year not on the patio directly but in the sacred spaces you choose with your close friends and family.

Unlike any event we have held, this year we will help you to facilitate a special time to honor your loved ones, with more interaction from you!

This event will happen virtually, on this webpage on July 23rd, with interactive ways to remember your loved ones together with others, and ways to help you feel connected to our beautiful landscape and patio.

This is a community wide event for all to make public their memories and to join in this meaningful time together.

Join us for:

A video reflection by Chaplaincy Director Abby Embry on the Patio of Memories, which will include the name of your Loved One read aloud and white carnation placed in our urn on the Patio.

Images, words, prayers, poetry, and music, provided by you in memory of your loved one, will be posted to this page to honor them on this day.

Interactive ways to show you are present with us on this special day to remember and celebrate the life of your Loved Ones.

All you need to do:

RSVP to with this information:

-Your name

-The name(s) of those you wish to be read aloud

-Anything you would like to tell me about your loved one such as stories or memories

-Pictures, names of songs, poetry, quotes, prayers, or any special words you would like included on this community memorial page

Check our webpage for this event as it is filled with memories of those we love.

If you would like to be on our bereavement email list to receive updates to your inbox, or if you have any questions, please email our Chaplaincy Director, Abby Embry at with your First and Last Name and preferred email address information.

In the meantime, I invite you to join me for our Touchpoint group on Tuesday at 2 PM. It generally lasts about one and a half hours. This week we will be continuing our discussion on where grief is stored in the body.

Click the link below for more information on how to join us, everyone is welcome, no registration required. If you would like to schedule one-on-one support with me via Zoom, please email me at

Take care,

Abby Embry

Chaplaincy Director



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