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Ethel Wedel

Remembered by

Edith Carr

Edith and Ethel

I lost my “womb mate”, my identical twin, to pancreatic cancer. I was able to spend the last three months with her as her caregiver. That time together was a gift to both of us, sharing holy moments.

Ethel faced her cancer journeys (breast and pancreatic) with what she described as indescribable peace. She often said she would not trade it away. Her priority was focusing on relationships, staying connected with friends near and far, even in her last days.

Ethel was a nurse for a family practice doctor for nearly 30 years. She provided compassionate care, learning more about the patients than just their physical ailments. She was widely recognized in the
community, and I was often mistaken for her when I visited.

She faced the end with grace and acceptance, knowing she’d be welcomed into her heavenly home. Even though she’s no longer here, we’ll always be “WE,” and she’ll always be my twin.

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