HHSCW believes that no one should have to die alone.  To that end, HHSCW provides an educational program that equips individuals to be a caring and compassionate presence during a person’s final hours.

Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg, (HHSCW) launched the pilot of its Final Gifts Vigil Volunteer Education Program in 2017 funded by a grant from the Williamsburg Community Foundation.  Through this program, trained volunteers provide bedside support and a caring presence in the final hours of a person’s life.

A vigil may be appropriate:

  • In the absence of loved ones
  • When a family member/loved one needs a break from the bedside, or
  • When a family member/loved one needs support at the bedside.

Generally, this program is provided during the last 24-48 hours of life.

For additional information about this education program, please contact Nicole Osborne, HHSCW Education Specialist at 757-253-1220 or