Marian Hoyle

Remembered by

Pete Hoyle

The things I remember about Marian all link together. More than anything, Marian always was helping others, especially helping them become the best that they could be. She was first and foremost a teacher. She was one of the most intelligent people I have known, which certainly helped her in her career as Mathematics Teacher at the high school and university levels.

Marian was also a creative crafter: knitting, quilting, origami, and tatting were her favorites. Whenever she learned a new skill, she set to teaching those she knew how to do it as well. Many of her friends began with her teaching and continued as crafting became part of their lives.

It was hard for Marian when she developed Alzheimer’s and could no longer do all the things that she had loved. I remember the day she came home from a Knitting Guild meeting, gave an ironic laugh, and said, “I had to tell them that I’ve forgotten how to knit.” She continued to go to such meetings, enjoying seeing the crafts others were creating, always encouraging her friends. 

Tatted ornaments made by Marian
A knitted Necklace made by Marian
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