Did you know Hospice House and Support Care of Williamsburg has a library? It’s a library unlike any other in that it is specifically curated with our families, guests, and greater community in mind. It contains hundreds of titles specific to end-of-life and bereavement.  Books range from grief memoirs and grief psychology to caregiver guides and children’s books.

Read below to check out our newest additions, click on the title to access our library catalog page. We’d love to have you stop by to borrow a book!

Email us at library@williamsburghospicehouse.org with any questions.

  1. Getting Through the Night: Finding Your Way After the Loss of a Loved One Offers advice on coping with grief over the loss of a loved one and tells how to find consolation in Christian faith
  2. Companioning You!: A Soulful Guide to Caring for Yourself While You Care for the Dying and the Bereaved (The Companioning Series) This book demonstrates how caring for oneself first allows one to be a more effective caregiver to others. Through the advice, suggestions, and practices directed specifically to caregiving situations and needs, caregivers will learn not to lose sight of caring for themselves as they care for others.
  3. The Empty Chair: Handling Grief on Holidays and Special Occasions In The Empty Chair, the authors share a comforting blend of emotional support, spiritual guidance, and personal experience to help readers honor their loved one on important days. Those who support the bereaved–mental-health professionals, pastors, funeral home staff, and others–will also appreciate this book for its reflective yet practical approach.
  4. From Grim to Green Pastures: Meditations for the Sick and Their Caregivers Looks at sickness as a time of spiritual discovery and learning, and offers beautiful meditations for the sick and their caregivers.
  5. Healing Death: Finding Wholeness When a Cure Is No Longer Possible The author is convinced that most people facing the death of a loved one would like to do so with courage and grace but simply don’t know where to begin. Drawing from his own personal experience when his father was dying, he lays out the emotional and hands-on issues of death and dying and offers concrete ways of dealing with each one.
  6. Dying to Know – Straight Talk about Death & Dying Written directly to the person facing the end of life, it compassionately but frankly clarifies the mystery of dying by describing the physical, psychosocial and spiritual changes that may be encountered and how best to understand and manage them. By helping the reader overcome fears and misconceptions, it provides comfort, empowerment and understanding to everyone involved at this important time of life.
  7. While It Was Still Dark: One Person’s Pilgrimage Through Grief A journal compilation that began when the author’s husband died. It contains poems, images, and other reflections through the author’s pilgrimage of grief.
  8. The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing The Top Five Regrets of the Dying gives hope for a better world. It is a story told through sharing her inspiring and honest journey, which will leave you feeling kinder towards yourself and others, and more determined to live the life you are truly here to live. This delightful memoir is a courageous, life-changing book.
  9. Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief: A Revolutionary Approach to Understanding and Healing the Impact of Loss A groundbreaking book exploring the little-known yet critical connections between anxiety and grief, with practical strategies for healing, following the renowned Kübler-Ross stages model. If you’re suffering from anxiety but not sure why, or if you’re struggling with loss and looking for solace, Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief offers help – and answers.
  10. Second Firsts: Live, Laugh, and Love Again Using practical exercises and stories drawn from her own life and those of her clients, Rasmussen guides you through five stages of healing that help you open up to new possibilities. From acknowledging your fear, to recognizing where you stand now, to taking active steps toward a new life, Rasmussen helps you move past the pain and shows that it’s never too late to step out of the gap and experience life again—as if for the first time.
  11. In Quest of Creativity  A fictional account of life in old age; how compassion, friendship, and connections may help in facing the growing problems of Alzheimer’s related to aging issues; and stories of how being creative and doing simple things might contribute to living a healthy life in the final years of old age.


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