Celebration of Life 2021 Reflection

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Celebration of Life 2021 June 17th 2021 4:30pm Intro and Welcome Today we gather together here on the patio of memories outside of a house full of so many memories and emotions. It unites families and stories that might never have come together otherwise, and it can evoke within many of you unexpected feelings as you return to this sacred … Read More

Spring Virtual Bereavement Support Group

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Register for our 8-week Virtual Bereavement Group starting April 20th Registration is open for the Spring Seasonal Bereavement Group. HHSCW is continuing to hold these groups via Zoom, but we cannot wait to have them again in person! This group begins April 20th, for 8-weeks every Tuesday from 10am-12pm with a break between hours. Registration is required. This group is limited to 10 … Read More

Touchpoint Group Week #2 Myths and Truths

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This week’s Touchpoint centers primarily around dispelling some myths and sharing some truths about grief. When you enter a state of grief, in whatever circumstance that may be, you will face new challenges. One challenge is to “wade through” what people will say to you, usually out of a caring heart, but which may or may not be helpful for … Read More

Sharing Your Story

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At the start of this new year, our weekly Touchpoint Grief Group will revisit the topics from my seasonal 8-week group curriculum much like we did back in April 2020. This is an opportunity for those who are new to the group to discuss these important grief topics in a moderated zoom meeting without needing to register and commit to … Read More

What Has Your Grief Taught You?

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“What’s Your Grief?” is a fantastic website I follow for their writings on topics related to grief. Last week, they posed a question which brought about some fantastic conversation over social media. The question was, “What has your grief taught you?” The answers were compiled into a list of 64, which found its way to my inbox and inspired today’s … Read More

Anger in Grief

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Years ago at a church I attended we did a community art project. Our artist-in-residence offered us this opportunity during the Christian liturgical season of Lent. This project was one focused on expressing feelings, in an unusual, yet very therapeutic way. One evening, 20 or so people assembled in the small chapel, bringing with us pieces made of glass or … Read More

Transcript of Reflection for Celebration of Life 2020

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Thank you for sending in your loved one’s names, and offering pictures, music, and your stories and letters in remembrance of them. This may be the first time you, or anyone you know has participated in a celebration of life service over the internet. As connected as we are today, globally, the distance through a computer screen can challenge how … Read More

Revisiting Your Grief Story

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“Tell me your grief story.” This question marks the beginning of all our bereavement group sessions. Our virtual group sessions were no different. When our weekly meetings began, participants shared their story of their grief with the group, many of them were complete strangers to one another. Over the months, new participants have joined our group. We take special care … Read More

Celebration of Life, A Virtual Community Event

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This past weekend marks another public holiday this year that just did not feel quite the same as in the past The idea of celebration does not lend itself well to distancing, fear, along with all the other challenges this pandemic has given us. Yet, we still find a way through to make the most of the core value we … Read More

Where is Grief Stored in Your Body?

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This week we will talk about how grief affects your body. The first question I tend to ask is “Where is grief stored in your body?” This question usually follows with puzzled looks. It tends to stop conversation for a moment as we shift from grief talk focused in the head, to thinking “But how does my body feel right … Read More