Funerals and memorial services are some of the most important ways that survivors cope with grief.  Grounded in ritual and creative expression, funerals and memorial services are important vehicles for honoring the deceased and for allowing those who remember them to express their love.  Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg (HHSCW) offers funeral and memorial service facilitation by our spiritually-trained Hospice House Chaplain.

Offsite funeral and memorial service facilitation includes a one-on-one meeting with the Hospice House Chaplain to outline and plan the service as well as phone and email correspondence to confirm details. Our Hospice House Chaplain uses a Funeral/Memorial Service Planning Form to help design and implement a service to fit your needs.  For a downloadable, fillable and printable copy of this form click HERE.

The Hospice House Chaplain will preside over the ceremony at the designated location on the service date and guide family members and other participants through the service.  A suggested donation to HHSCW for a service facilitated by our Hospice House Chaplain is $400.

If you and your loved ones wish to have the Hospice House Chaplain facilitate a funeral or memorial service, please call 757-206-1177 or email

*Please note that scheduling options are limited to the availability of the Hospice House Chaplain.