Hospice House of Williamsburg (HH) affirms that ritual is a vital part of the grieving process. With this acknowledgement, we schedule Patio of Memories Remembrance Ceremonies for bereaved families and individuals throughout the community on the Hospice House Patio of Memories.

Remembrance ceremonies are planned and facilitated by the Hospice House Chaplain. They are scheduled and held on Fridays each month at Hospice House from April – October. The recommended donation for this service is $400.

Ceremonies can include reflective readings, songs, prayers and eulogies.

Individuals wishing to hold a Remembrance Ceremony are encouraged to fill out a Patio of Memories Remembrance Ceremony Request Form listing specific ceremonial components. This form can be downloaded here: Remembrance Ceremony Request Form

Once completed, the Patio of Memories Remembrance Ceremony Request Form can be submitted to the Hospice House Chaplain by hand or via email: bereavement@williamsburghospice.org. The Hospice House Chaplain will confirm the date and time of your requested ceremony within one week of the form’s submission. The Hospice House Chaplain will also set up a date and time to review your request form with you prior to the ceremony.

A Patio of Memories Remembrance Ceremony bulletin is created by the Hospice House Chaplain as a memento for all participants. This bulletin can include pictures of your loved one and family.

Ceremonies may also include the installation of a personalized brick memorial paver. To read more about memorial pavers, click HERE.

To make a donation for a Patio of Memories Remembrance Ceremony online, click HERE. When paying online, please add “Patio of Memories Remembrance Ceremony” in the Additional Comments section of the donation form.

We can provide a list of local eateries and venues for food and fellowship for families seeking the opportunity to gather before or after a Patio of Memories Remembrance Ceremony. Out of respect for our current guests and families, Hospice House cannot host social gatherings on site.

Because the remembrance ceremonies are a part of the programming services of Hospice House, requiring the time and resources of our staff and organization, we ask that family members and/or friends wishing to hold a Patio of Memories Remembrance Ceremony at the Hospice House in memory of their loved ones make a donation, which ensures that we will be here to provide our services to families and their loved ones for years to come.

*Brick Paver Donation: $600 (required)

*Patio of Memories Remembrance Ceremony Donation: $400 (suggested)

(All donations are tax-deductible, to the fullest extent of the law. Because HH does not charge a fee for its services, nor does it receive reimbursement from private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare your gift makes an immediate impact on the individuals and families we serve.)