We are grateful to those who share with us the impact Hospice House has had on them, as well as those they love.

  • My experience here was exceptional. The staff went above and beyond. They truly make you feel "at home". My grandmother went here for respite care and she had a life turn. Respite care turned into Hospice care. The staff helped us with this transition. The facility is so nice and clean. The staff are always making cookies, cupcakes, cakes, or brownies. This helps when you are staying with your loved one and get the midnight snack attack. Did I mention, it's all FREE!!!! They survive on donations and volunteers. My grandmother was a volunteer, before she became sick. She would sit and read to patients, or just sit with them, so they wouldn't be alone. Thankful for the volunteers, that sit with people that don't have family who are able to be with them. Fortunately we had family with my grandmother every day and might. The day before my grandmother passed, God gave us a beautiful spring day (February 12), her French doors to her patio were open, we had rocking chairs, raocking and talking, smelling the daffodils, listening to the birds, she had fresh air, and Gracie (dog) came to visit. Gracie, with her grace, licked my grandmothers hand, my grandmother was to weak to lift her hand to pet Gracie, but Gracie knew she loved her. This experience has made me want to volunteer at my locate Hospice House. Thank you so much Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg, this facility is a piece of heaven on earth, with angels working. Rest high on the mountain Deloris Stanton.

    Reba Newton Glanz Avatar Reba Newton Glanz
  • I would like to thank everyone for making my grandmother, Betty Evans last days here very comfortable. Also for being there for her last moment and letting us know how peacefully she went and that she went with a smile on her face. I'm glad she was able to make you guys laugh too!! It's not everyday that you can say that your grandmother lived to be 102!! And I'm so glad that her passing was so peaceful!! It's exactly where she wanted to go so she could go home to be with our grandfather, who passed at the Hospice House 10 years ago. So thank you to everyone that volunteers their time you guys are amazing!!

    Stephanie Zepeda Avatar Stephanie Zepeda
  • This place has been such an incredible blessing to our family. Thank you for everything ❤️

    Megan Gill Avatar Megan Gill
  • God and his angels of mercy are here in every room!

    Zsa Zsa Avatar Zsa Zsa
  • Thanks to all of the workers here. You took care of my late mother, Donna, from June 12th to June 25th, 2015. She passed away on the 25th after struggling with ALS. Thank you from all of us for your care, support, love, and compassion you had for her and all of us that came to visit her! May God bless all of you!

    David Albert Avatar David Albert
  • At its basic level, Hospice House is a physical space - a building and surrounding grounds that were thoughtfully designed to evoke a "home away from home" for its guests and their families. While this is great start for a hospice facility, I have found Hospice House to be so much more. It is a special place that engages all the senses to provide a feeling of calm, tranquility and caring during a difficult time. It does this through the visual impact of the beautifully maintained building and its flourishing gardens, the sound of birds chattering at the bird feeders stationed outside of each guest's room, the laughter and tears of family and friends sharing memories while gathered comfortably inside, the smell of cookies baking in the kitchen, the comfort of rocking chairs in front of a blazing fireplace, the warmth of a hand being held or a hug being given. It is a place where the professionalism of its staff is exemplary and where compassion always accompanies care. Hospice House is truly a gift from the Williamsburg community to all who enter its doors. I am ever thankful to the staff, volunteers and benefactors who continue to make this gift possible.

    Carol Bagwell Occhuizzo Avatar Carol Bagwell Occhuizzo
  • Thankful today and every day to be a volunteer at Hospice House. It is a loving and comforting cocoon for those facing end of life and their grieving families and friends. The Williamsburg area is so lucky to have such a peaceful place where our guests spend their last days as comfortable & pain free as is possible and their exhausted caretakers and families gather together in homey surroundings, knowing their loved one is being lovingly cared for in a wonderful place. And I'm also thankful to live in a community that is so generous with its monetary gifts and volunteering that our Hospice House remains free of charge to anyone using any of its services in their own homes, at Hospice House, and through their grieving process as they build a new life without their loved one.

    Judy Chaney Ewart Avatar Judy Chaney Ewart
  • I am proud to be a volunteer with this wonderful organization. Each time I enter Hospice House I feel a sense of tranquility that comes from knowing that each guest is treated with care and compassion. Hospice House is a Williamsburg treasure.

    Laura K. Lawrence Avatar Laura K. Lawrence
  • As Thanksgiving time nears one is reminded how grateful the Williamsburg community is to have Hospice House. Being a long time volunteer there has given me numerous opportunities to see the appreciation families have for the care and compassion given to their loved ones at the end of their lives......

    Bernice Moen Todd Avatar Bernice Moen Todd