Register for our 8-week Virtual Bereavement Group starting April 20th
Registration is open for the Spring Seasonal Bereavement Group. HHSCW is continuing to hold these groups via Zoom, but we cannot wait to have them again in person! This group begins April 20th, for 8-weeks every Tuesday from 10am-12pm with a break between hours. Registration is required. This group is limited to 10 people and will last 8-weeks. To register, reply to this email and I will get in touch with you.

This is a small curriculum based grief group that will walk you through common experiences in grief and guidance in coping. The real power of group is in sharing your story and listening to other’s stories. This group is moderated by me, and ground rules are reviewed at the beginning of every session in order to maintain a comfortable safe space.

Email me with any questions you have. I’m happy to discuss with you how this group may be helpful to you, or to make other suggestions on what your needs may be at this time. As always, I available for one-on-one bereavement support via Zoom or by phone as well.

Below is a breakdown of the topics each week:
Week One      Telling Our Stories

Week Two      Myths and Facts About Grief
Week Three   Feelings in Grief
Week Four     Dealing with Unfinished Business
Week Five      Grief and your Body
Week Six        Triggers and Secondary Grief
Week Seven   Personal Grief Rituals, Holidays & Anniversaries
Week Eight    Hope for the Future

Abby Embry
Chaplaincy Director
(757) 206-1177



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