Volunteer Opportunities


Who are Hospice House volunteers?

More than 50 Patient Volunteers work directly with Hospice House guests, home patients and their families. These volunteers have undergone extensive training to take on the role of companioning with individuals and families who are facing life limiting or terminal illness. Patient Volunteers provide time out for caregivers, may bring supplies or run an occasional errand, or simply be present as a friendly visitor. Most importantly, they offer the gift of themselves to help lighten the burdens carried by those beside whom they have chosen to walk. These dedicated individuals were honored in 2006 with the Cruikshank Spirit of the Community Award by United Way of Greater Williamsburg.

More than 300 additional volunteers form the Hospice House Guild. These volunteers do everything from gardening and maintenance in and around Hospice House, delivering equipment to needy families, office support, cooking and baking for guests at Hospice House, hosting receptions and memorial services, delivering brochures, helping with bulk mailings and attending community fairs. They do just about anything that is asked of them!

In 2007, a teen volunteer organization, Hospice Teen Outreach (HTO), was formed to produce a vehicle for incorporating area youth into volunteer opportunities at Hospice House. Membership is open to any interested teen up to the age of 18 years old.

Numerous other individuals and community groups and organizations donate their time, skills and talents to benefit Hospice House. They come from garden clubs, civic and church groups, area businesses, from the College of William and Mary, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Who are Hospice House volunteers?

They are the voice and the hands and the heart of Hospice House!

If you would like to be a Hospice House volunteer, please contact:

Diane Schwarz, Volunteers & Operations Director, 757.253.1220 or