In these uncertain times it can be challenging to know where to look for comfort or support — our social connections are disrupted, and we are all experiencing a loss of connection or even the loss of a loved one. In times such as this, we are here to help. Beginning next week on Monday, and weekly on the Mondays that follow, I am launching a Weekly Touchpoint through this blog. And every Tuesday I will follow up by hosting an informal, come as you are, virtual Grief Support Chat open to everyone. I hope that this will help us all to invest or divest as needed, to really dig into what your needs are during this difficult time. You will find the link below.

So, to reiterate, beginning next week on Monday, April 20, I invite you to read my blog and join the chat on April 21 via Zoom. (details are below). I will lead a discussion about how to share your grief story, whether it is grief from the death of a loved one, or the type of grief that comes in life when expectations are lost or when identity is lost. I invite you to read below in anticipation of our conversation.

Sharing Your Story

You may have at some point considered grief to be a linear process. But anyone in the midst of grief knows it is anything but linear. There are no clear “stages” that you can look to as a guide map, but instead, you can look to normalize what you are experiencing, knowing that you may circle back to the same feeling over and over again. How do you begin to process and heal when you are right smack in the middle of your crisis? Where does your story begin and how will you tell it differently over time? Read more here on Monday, April 20, and join us for a Zoom Virtual Support Group meeting on Tuesday, April 21st at 2pm ET.

Finally, starting today, there is a great community push for all of us to gather our support for important nonprofits in our community. Go to Give Local 757 at There are many important organizations on this list that continue to help us all through this crisis. Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg is one of them. I hope you will consider supporting us, or any of the wonderful community partners on the list. Now more than ever, your support matters.

Abby Embry
Director of Chaplaincy

Zoom Chat room information:

Meeting ID: 890 5012 7513 / Password: 318410
(Remember to download Zoom on your phone or laptop. It is free)



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